Online service standards

SuniTAFE offers a range of courses delivered partly or wholly online, and often these are completed via a flexible mode of study. These standards outline what students should expect when completing learning and/or assessment online.


Student Support and engagement

SuniTAFE’s primary online learning tool is SuniCONNECT. Students receive their login details on enrolment and are provided with the most appropriate contact details for their trainer/assessor. Any concerns can be addressed with that person..

For SuniCONNECT technical support, students should contact the Education Resources Officer on 03 5022 3745. Students can expect a response to queries within two (2) business days.

The trainer/assessor will make contact with a student two (2) weeks following enrolment, and will make monthly contact from then on. Where the trainer/assessor is on leave, a replacement contact person will be appointed, and students will be provided with their details.

Students studying online have access to SuniTAFE’s Student Support Services, which can be viewed here.

SuniTAFE may ask for feedback from time-to-time through surveys, however if a student has feedback or concerns at any time, they should contact their trainer/assessor in the first instance, or contact Student Administration.

Collaborative learning opportunities will be provided so that students can interact with peers through the creation of online group discussion forums. Students identified as not engaging in their online course will be contacted by the Institute’s Engagement and Retention Officer.

Learning using digital technology

SuniTAFE’s Pre-Training Review is used to confirm whether a student’s chosen course is suitable and appropriate, and gathers information about a student’s digital literacy (their level of skill/ knowledge in using digital technology).

Following enrolment, students will be provided with an online induction to SuniCONNECT by their trainer/assessor, and will be supported by help videos within SuniCONNECT.

Access to SuniCONNECT can be made using any modern web browser. The current version of Google Chrome is preferred. There are issues with Internet Explorer version 10 and below, and Safari version 7 and below.

SuniCONNECT is delivered using the Moodle software platform. Moodle aims to meet the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines.

Learning and assessment

Learning and assessment is optimised using various formats of activities and tasks. Learning and assessment tools in the online environment are subject to the same quality reviews as other learning resources and assessment tools.

Practical skills will be assessed through face-to-face observation or video, and must be arranged with the trainer/assessor. Assessment tasks will be marked and feedback provided to students within 10 business days from completion of assessments.

Trainers and assessors of online learning

SuniTAFE is committed to ensuring trainers and assessors of online learning have the required skills to deliver an engaging learning experience. SuniTAFE provides regular professional development for its staff in online learning.