FDF30411 Certificate III in Wine Industry Operations

Award Course
This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding


The Certificate III in Wine Industry Operations takes your wine making career to the next level. You will learn the skills required by horticulturalists on wine grape properties or a manager or supervisor of a dedicated area within the wine processing industry.


This qualification could lead to employment as a supervisor or plant operator in a winery environment or skilled viticulture worker.


Please contact SuniTAFE to discuss other qualifications that can extend your skills further.

Course Delivery

This qualification is only available via workplace delivery. There are no on-campus classes for this course.

Entry Requirements

You must be employed in the industry. Each student will undertake a Pre-Training Review before enrolling to help confirm the proposed course is suitable. It will provide valuable information about an individual's existing skills and knowledge, language, literacy and numeracy skills and whether the course will help in achieving learning and/or employment goals.

Expected Time to Complete

3 Years

Units & Assessment
Core Units
Code Unit Name Hours Material
FDFFS2001A Implement the food safety program and procedures 30 $25.00
FDFOHS2001A Participate in OHS processes 40 $25.00
FDFOHS3001A Contribute to OHS processes 40 $25.00
FDFOP2063A Apply quality systems and procedures 30 $25.00
FDFOP2064A Provide and apply workplace information 30 $25.00
FDFPPL3002A Report on workplace performance 30 $25.00
MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 30 $33.00
Elective Units
Code Unit Name Hours Material
FDFBP2010A Operate manual bottling and packaging processes 20 $25.00
FDFCD2003A Evaluate wines (standard) 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2001A Perform oak handling activities 20 $25.00
FDFCEL2002A Perform fermentation operations 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2003A Operate the ion exchange process 20 $25.00
FDFCEL2004A Perform single column lees stripping (continuous still brandy) operations 20 $25.00
FDFCEL2005A Operate the pressing process 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2006A Operate clarification by separation (centrifugation) process 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2007A Prepare and monitor wine cultures 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2008A Perform dual column distillation (continuous still brandy) operations 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2009A Perform first distillation (pot still brandy) operations 20 $25.00
FDFCEL2010A Operate the fine filtration process 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2011A Perform heat exchange operations 20 $25.00
FDFCEL2012A Handle spirits 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2013A Operate the pressure leaf filtration process 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2014A Operate the rotary vacuum filtration process 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2015A Perform must draining operations 20 $25.00
FDFCEL2016A Operate the crushing process 20 $25.00
FDFCEL2017A Prepare and make additions and finings 40 $25.00
FDFCEL2018A Carry out inert gas handling operations 20 $25.00
FDFCEL2019A Carry out transfer operations 20 $25.00
FDFCEL2020A Prepare and wax tanks 20 $25.00
FDFCEL3001A Perform second distillation (pot still brandy) operations 40 $25.00
FDFCEL3002A Operate the continuous clarification by seperation (flotation) process 40 $25.00
FDFCEL3003A Operate the concentration process 40 $25.00
FDFCEL3004A Perform de-aromatising, de-alcoholising or de-sulphuring operations 40 $25.00
FDFCEL3005A Perform rectification (continuous still) operations 60 $25.00
FDFFS3001A Monitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs 70 $25.00
FDFOP2003A Clean equipment in place 30 $25.00
FDFOP2004A Clean and sanitise equipment 30 $25.00
FDFOP2005A Work in a socially diverse environment 30 $25.00
FDFOP2009A Load and unload tankers 30 $25.00
FDFOP2011A Conduct routine maintenance 40 $25.00
FDFOP2013A Apply sampling procedures 20 $25.00
FDFOP2030A Operate a process control interface 40 $25.00
FDFOP2061A Use numerical applications in the workplace 30 $25.00
FDFOP2065A Work in confined spaces in the food and beverage industries 30 $25.00
FDFOP3002A Set up a production or packaging line for operation 50 $25.00
FDFOP3003A Operate interrelated processes in a production system 60 $25.00
FDFOP3004A Operate inter related processes in a packaging system 60 $25.00
FDFPPL2001A Participate in work teams and groups 30 $25.00
FDFPPL3001A Participate in improvement processes 40 $25.00
FDFPPL3004A Lead work teams and groups 40 $25.00
FDFPPL3005A Participate in an audit process 50 $25.00
FDFTEC3001A Participate in a HACCP team 50 $25.00
FDFTEC4008A Apply principles of food packaging 50 $25.00
FDFWIN2001A Perform effectively in a wine industry workplace 40 $25.00
FDFWIN2002A Identify and contact risks in own work 20 $25.00
MSAENV472B Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices 40 $44.00
TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction 40 $25.00
TLIA2009A Complete and check import/export documentation 30 $30.00
TLIA2021A Despatch stock 20 $20.00
TLIA3010A Coordinate goods to bond premises 20 $25.00
TLIA3015A Complete receival/ despatch documentations 40 $25.00
TLIA3016A Use inventory systems to organise stock control 40 $25.00
TLIA3017A Identify products and store to specifications 40 $15.00
TLIA3018A Organise despatch operations 40 $25.00
TLIA3019A Organise receival operations 40 $40.00
TLIA3024A Organise warehouse records operations 30 $25.00
TLIA3026A Monitor storage facilities 30 $25.00
TLIA3038A Control and order stock 40 $25.00
TLIA3039A Receive and store stock 40 $15.00
TLIB2009A Check conveyor operational status 20 $15.00
TLID1001A Shift materials safely using manual handling methods 20 $25.00
TLID2003A Handle dangerous goods/ hazardous substances 40 $25.00
TLID2022A Conduct weighbridge operations 20 $15.00
TLID3011A Conduct specialised forklift operations 40 $15.00
TLIK2010A Use infotechnology devices in the workplace 40 $15.00
TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck 40 $44.00
TLIP2029A Prepare and process financial documents 30 $15.00

Course Assessment

  • Observation and oral questioning
  • Practical task
  • Third party report
Your particular units of study will be determined from the core and elective units required for this qualification.

RPL is a formal assessment process that recognises relevant skills and knowledge you have already gained through previous training, work and life experiences. Contact the Institute today to discuss your options for RPL.

Indicative Fees

Government Subsidised $3,471
Concession $1,201
Apprenticeship $3,041
Apprenticeship Concession $1,115
RPL Government Subsidised $1,720
RPL Concession $344
RPL Self-funded $2,580
Self-Funded $4,331

Average total fees include designated materials and will vary according to your specific unit choices and other factors.

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

For information on refunds in relation to withdrawals, transfers and cancellations refer to the following policies and procedures.
Refund of Course Fees Policy
Student Withdrawal and Refund of Course Fees Procedure

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Intake Campus Course Details
2019 January Mildura Campus Full Time, Part Time
2019 January Mildura Campus Full Time