AHC30616 Certificate III in Production Horticulture

Award Course
Cricos Code 092531M


The Certificate III in Production Horticulture enables you to develop your skills and knowledge in fresh food production. You will gain the theory and technical skills which will allow you to pursue a career in fruit, vegetable or berry production or in an expanding range of crop alternatives. There is also the potential to utilise these skills in the Cut Flower and Tree Cropping industries.


This qualification could lead to employment in a variety of different roles in a production horticulture setting including skilled farm worker or horticulturalist.


This qualification can lead to further studies at a Certificate IV level in Production Horticulture.

Information for International Students

Students must be at least 18 years old when they commence studies. This course may incorporate practical instruction in a training workshop. Work-based training in industry is not included. Please contact us for more information on course fees and duration.

* Duration of a course includes periods for orientation and enrolment, teaching, assessment, structured learning support, study breaks and public holidays.
* Fees are subject to change.

Units & Assessment
Core Units
Code Unit Name Hours
AHCWHS301 Contribute to work health and safety processes 50
Elective Units
Code Unit Name Hours
AHCCHM303 Prepare and apply chemicals 70
AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals 50
AHCIRG303 Measure irrigation delivery system performance 70
AHCIRG306 Troubleshoot irrigation systems 50
AHCIRG331 Install pressurised irrigation systems 70
AHCIRG332 Operate pressurised irrigation systems 50
AHCIRG333 Maintain pressurised irrigation systems 50
AHCMOM202 Operate tractors 40
AHCMOM301 Coordinate machinery and equipment maintenance and repair 80
AHCMOM302 Perform machinery maintenance 50
AHCMOM304 Operate machinery and equipment 40
AHCMOM305 Operate specialised machinery and equipment 60
AHCMOM315 Operate chemical application machinery and equipment 90
AHCNSY307 Operate fertigation equipment 70
AHCPCM301 Implement a plant nutrition program 60
AHCPCM302 Provide information on plants and their culture 70
AHCPGD301 Implement a plant establishment program 80
AHCPHT303 Implement a post-harvest program 70
AHCPHT304 Harvest horticultural crops mechanically 50
AHCPHT305 Regulate crops 30
AHCPHT306 Establish horticultural crops 25
AHCPHT310 Coordinate horticultural crop harvesting 70
AHCPMG301 Control weeds 70
AHCPMG302 Control plant pests, diseases and disorders 80
AHCSOL401 Sample soils and interpret results 60
AHCWRK305 Coordinate work site activities 70
AHCWRK306 Comply with industry quality assurance requirements 40
FDFWGG3009A Monitor and maintain nursery plants 40

Course Assessment

  • Observation and oral questioning
  • Knowledge based test
  • Written task
  • Third party report
Your particular units of study will be determined from the core and elective units required for this qualification.

RPL is a formal assessment process that recognises relevant skills and knowledge you have already gained through previous training, work and life experiences. Contact the Institute today to discuss your options for RPL.